Professional music video production

Bring your music track to life with a professionally produced music video. We offer a wide range of filming options and we can help you plan, film and edit your music video. We create music videos that focus on the performance of the track and also music videos that tell a story.

We use multiple cameras on a shoot and we use the latest technologies such as 3 axis gimbal stabilisers to capture your footage. Each music video is priced for individually as every project is unique. A professional music video makes your band stand out from the crowd and brings value to your brand.

We can offer:

Music video production

Each project is unique and we will work closely with you to plan the right feel and content for your music video. It’s very important to have a clear vision for your music video before we start to create your film. Music videos require a lot of hours editing and we pay close attention to every detail of the video and check frame by frame that the shots provides the best viewing experience.

Many shoots are captured in 4K and then output in Full HD to allow for more creative options with the footage in the post production process. We use many different cameras to achieve the look your are looking for.

Contact us today to start planing your music video. Prices start from as little as £800.00 for a basic performance music video.

  • Multiple camera operators
  • cranes, sliders, glide-cams
  • Studio locations for filming
  • Profesional music track recording facilities
  • Time to edit the film alongside us in the studio
  • Aerial filming from remote controlled heli-cams
  • Full HD filming
  • Blu-Ray, DVD and internet streaming
  • Tailor made services to meet your budget
  • Gig recording
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