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Bring your business to life with videos created by Ian Dearman Media Video Production. We provide a professional high quality video production services for companies throughout the UK using the latest technology and equipment.
Video Production

Creating a video for your company can be a daunting task, we have been creating videos for over 20 years and so you can rest assured we have the experience to help you deliver your message and boost your business. We specialise in corporate video and film production.

We will guide through every step from planning and scripting your films to helping you launch your business video to reach your desired audience. We offer specialised filming techniques such as aerial filming, gimbal stabilisation systems and time-lapse shots. We have the technical and creative skills to create films that help you stand out from the crowd.

We offer full 4K filming resolutions to our clients and many of them receive multiple edits of their film to be used for different purposes such as embedding in websites, adding to emails and TV broadcasting for example.

Based in Nottinghamshire we work across the UK with businesses to create stunning corporate films. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to talk through your project ideas.

Film and Video production


The process starts with pre-production. This is where we learn about your business or needs for the film and plan with you an effective strategy to storyboard and script your project whilst also looking at locations that would be suitable. The planning process is vital to create a successful film and we believe the devil is in the detail. We have experience working on all sorts of creative film projects and we can help you plan a film that is unique and engaging.


This is were all the planning pays off and we bring all the planned elements together to capture the film footage. Some projects are filmed in one day other over many months it just depends on the type of work we are creating. We use the latest technologies to capture dynamic footage that gives your project that ‘high production’ feel. We have our own equipment but if your project needs something specialised we can hire in and build your shoot around your needs.

Editing and post-production

We are fully experienced film and video editors and we work with the footage from the film shoot to create your high quality video. When the draft is complete we usually send you a link to a password protected film online for you to view. We ask for a clear set of amendments and tweaks to suit your needs and then the final edit of the film is published online for you to use.

  • Professional film production company
  • Latest technology and filming techniques
  • Full 4K film production
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